Got questions? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions to see if any of them answers it. If not, contact us directly via our Contact Us page.

General Questions

  1. What is a Pocket WiFi / WiFi Pocket / Mobile WiFi router?
    A pocket wifi is a device that acts as a router and is small enough to fit into your pocket, a purse or backpack. Wherever you go, with KonbiniRentals you literally can take Internet access with you, because our WiFi router has no wires, and is battery powered.A “Hotspot” is the area within which you can receive a WiFi Internet signal. Our mobile wireless router creates a portable ‘hotspot’ that provides you with a wireless Internet connection to your chosen devices – up to 10 – that are within its range.
  2. Who uses Pocket WiFi / WiFi Pocket / Mobile WiFi router?
    Anyone who is traveling overseas will benefit from Pocket WiFi – a family on vacation, students, business travelers, tour groups and educators will all save money.
  3. Can I use my smartphone, tablet, laptop with the Pocket WiFi / WiFi Pocket / Mobile WiFi router?
    Yes. As long as your smartphone, tablet and laptop can connect to WiFi.
  4. Can you tell me more about internet access and data plans?
    We only have one hassle-free plan and that is an unlimited plan that has no limits. All Pocket WiFi’s are LTE capable, meaning the fastest connection possible.
  5. Can’t I just find an establishment with free WiFi?
    Yes, you can use “free” public WiFi access, if you can find it, and if you don’t mind wasting time in unfamiliar locations trying to find a place with Internet access. On top of that, free WiFi is usually very slow and is not secure – you can be hacked! KonbiniRentals Pocket WiFi’s are secure and fast.
  6. What about my hotel WiFi?
    Yes. You can definitely use your hotel’s WiFi. 3 things to look out for are: cost, accessibility and mobility. Hotel WiFi is usually a shared connection which can cause bandwidth bottlenecks and slow speeds when multiple users are logged in. And you can only use your hotel’s WiFi in the hotel, and sometimes not even your room but the lobby.
  7. Is using Public WiFi safe?
    Free public WiFi are not secure. That means your personal data is at risk. KonbiniRentals’ devices are secure; our portable WiFi hotspots utilize WPA2 technology, the most up-to-date security for wireless data encryption. Devices with WPA2 are much more secure, freeing you from worry about cyber crimes and ID theft while you are traveling in the Philippines.


Pocket WiFi device questions

    1. How do I set it up?
      Once you receive your Pocket WiFi, it is ready for use. Simply turn on the device by pushing the power button for 3seconds. Once it has loaded, you can see the top bar indicating the signal quality and the type of connection whether: GPRS, 2G, 3G or LTE.Press the Menu button and head over to Info to check the SSID and Password. Likewise, there is a sticker that shows the SSID and Password in the back of the Pocket WiFi.

      In your device, turn on wifi and connect to the network that has the SSID name and type in the password to connect.

    2. Is there any limit to how much data I can receive?
      The rate at which you use the data must stay within the International Fair Usage Policy. This simply means that you cannot stream video or use excessively large amounts of data for more than short periods at a time. All telecom companies that offer unlimited Internet access still require you to follow this policy.
    3. How fast can I surf with KonbiniRentals Pocket WiFi?
      With 3G, 4G and LTE, you can surf up to 42 Mbps. Your connection depends on the network’s coverage. When service is available, minimum GPRS speed of 12-48 kbps at 80% service reliability rate.
    4. How many numbers of devices can I connect?
      You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.
    5. Can I use the Pocket WiFi as a power bank?
      Yes. You will need to use a USB Converter.
    6. How long does it take to charge the Pocket WiFi device?
      The Pocket WiFi takes 2-3 hours for complete charging. You can also leave the Pocket WiFi charging overnight.
    7. Does it come with instructions?
      Yes. The instruction manual is included in the package.
    8. Which countries will the KonbiniRentals Pocket WiFi work in?
      The Philippines only.



  1. How do I place an order?
    To place your order, simply go to the product page e.g. Pocket WiFi and scroll to the Order Now section. Enter the number of devices you wish to rent, enter the pickup date or the date in which you will arrive in the Philippine location and enter the date you wish to return the device to us. The price will automatically reflect the total number of days you have chosen.If you wish to proceed placing your order, simply click the Add to Cart button to be redirected to your Cart.If you wish to checkout, simply click the Proceed to Checkout button.

    In the Checkout page simply fill up all information required and click the Proceed to Paypal button for payment.

    Once in Paypal, you can choose to pay via a Paypal account or a credit card

    Due to company security policy, if your payment details do not match your shipping details, we will require you to provide proof of identity.

  2. How many days before I arrive should I place an order?
    Our lead time is 3 days for Metro Manila deliveries. This ensures ample time for us to prepare and deliver the device to you even on weekends.
  3. How do you calculate the rental rates?
    Our rates are calculated on a per day basis. Our daily rates are Php450/day per device.
  4. Is there a minimum and maximum number of devices I can rent?
    The minimum number of devices is 1. The maximum number of devices is 3.
  5. Is there a minimum and maximum number of days for the rental?
    The minimum number of days rental is 3 days. The maximum is 25 days.



  1. Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes. After Checkout, you will be redirected to Paypal, our payment processor, from where you can choose to pay via Credit Cards. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  2. Do you accept Paypal?
    Yes. After Checkout, you will be redirected to Paypal, our payment processor, from where you can choose to pay via Paypal.
  3. Do you need further proof of identity after payment?
    If you enter payment information that does not match the shipping information, we will require you to submit proof of identity to ensure that the account holder has authorised the transaction.



  1. When can I expect to receive the package?
    Depending on where your shipping destination is, we usually deliver at least a day before to ensure that your item will be ready for you once you have arrived.
  2. Where can you ship my order to?
    Anywhere in Metro Manila. We prefer hotels as it makes it easier for our delivery team to find the place.


  1. How do I return the package?
    Each package comes with a Xend return plastic envelope and instructions on how to return the device to us. The Xend return plastic envelope also contains a filled-up return form in its outer plastic pocket.To return:
    – Place all device contents (eg. Pocket WiFi, charger) into the bubble wrap
    – Insert bubble wrap into Xend return plastic envelope
    – Seal Xend return plastic envelope
    – Leave at hotel’s lobby or reception desk or person in charge of establishment
    – Inform us of any changes from the initial Return details
  2. What if I do not return the package on time?
    As per our rental agreement, you are liable and responsible for each device that is delivered to you. If you do not return the package you will be charged the following, in addition to the initial order amount:
    Item – Amount (Php)
    WiFi Pocket (device) – Php10,000
    Charger – Php1,000
    SIM Card – Php1,500



  1. How do I cancel my order?
    Please contact us by email ASAP informing us about your cancellation. If the cancellation is done 3 days before the start of your rental we will refund you 100% your money. If the cancellation is done after we have shipped the item to your pickup location, we will only charge you the shipping fee (Php300) and refund the rest. Once your rental period has started, we cannot accept cancellations anymore.

Lost or Damages

  1. What if I lose or damage the device(s)?
    Please contact us as soon as the lost, theft or damage has occurred. As per our rental agreement, you are liable for the loss/theft/damage of each individual item as follows:Item – Amount (Php)
    WiFi Pocket (device) – Php10,000
    Charger – Php1,000
    SIM Card – Php1,500

    In many cases, our rental products are covered by general travel insurance (including travel insurance provided with a credit card). We highly recommend using travel insurance for such cases.Please also check with your insurance agency/company beforehand to know that you can use the travel insurance or not. In case of loss/damage, Global Advanced Communication will provide any necessary documents for insurance policy.